DDV Property Services - Complete House Renovation Crawley
DDV Property Services - Complete House Renovation Crawley

House Extensions Luton

Whenever you feel like your home is getting too cramped and you don’t have enough space for everything, you can always opt for house extensions. A few extra rooms and storage spaces can be ideal for your needs, giving you the necessary peace of mind and fresh space.

When it comes to house extension services, you need the most reliable and efficient team there is on the market. As it can be a costly procedure, shoddy work can’t be tolerated because it represents a long-term investment. DDV Property Services’ team is comprised of technicians fully specialised in house extensions, no matter the size or complexity. For the most efficient and affordable house extensions in the entire Luton area, contact us now!

Experienced Team

When it comes to our team, we invest heavily in training and perfecting our personnel. We focus on reliability and efficiency, which is why we want our team members to be in top shape in order to execute any service and satisfy every need.

Modern Techniques

We constantly improve our company by investing in new techniques, thus perfecting our wide range of services. We also buy new equipment whenever we are able to, thus helping our punctuality and efficiency considerably.


We offer all our services at competitive and advantageous prices, offering you the best quality for the smallest amount of money.

DDV Property Services

With over 15 years of experience in the field, we are always eager to provide the most affordable and efficient complete house extension services. We also offer other services in the Luton, such as: